Farmacia degli Incurabili

80138 Via Luciano Armanni, 3 - Napoli (NA)

Manager: Associazione il Faro di Ippocrate

This outstanding place inserted into the monumental complex of the Ospedale degli Incurabili is a rare example of historical pharmacy perfectly preserved. From the courtyard of the hospital, through a monumental double-flight staircase, you can access a series of rooms realised during the 18th century with a strong rocaille style, which make up the pharmacy: spices stockroom, large hall and laboratories. The interior of the rooms was probably arranged under Bartolomeo Vecchione between 1747 and 1751. The impressive series of vases and medical jars still marked with the name of the drug that they contained is extremely charming. There is a large hall of high artistic value, with its beautiful majolica floor and a big canvas by Pietro Bardellino showing the episode of the Iliad when Macaone looks after Menelao (1750).

Status: Open on demand

Opening hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

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Entry conditions: Booking requested, contact numbers: 081.440647 / 3395446243