Rural House

via Telesina incrocio strada comunale Tinta - Cerreto Sannita (BN)

The artefact shown here is a rural house, located in Cerreto Sannita (BN), of the 19th century, as it can be deduced comparing it to other artefacts from the same period. The cottage is positioned below the surface of the road which you can access through a narrow path. It faces the neighbouring cultivated fields and the torrent downstream. This structure has been certainly made by local workers in stone masonry. The size of the building is extremely small. It consists of two units: the first one is used as a warehouse and a henhouse, while the other one is the main building-30 square meters per level. The roof is single wooden pitched and finished with roman roof tiles. The structure is in rubble masonry made of local limestone, the wooden floor is almost completely collapsed. In former times the main building was used as a private home, while today is used as an animal shelter and its left side is used as a warehouse. The whole building is in very bad conditions.