Cattedrale di S. Matteo

84121 Piazza Alfano I - Salerno (SA)

The Cathedral of Salerno was built by Robert Guiscard and by the Bishop Alfano I between 1080 and 1085, after the conquest of the city by the Normans. Built in the Romanesque style, the Cathedral was built on the early Christian church dedicated to the cult of St. Mary of the Angels, in turn built on the remains of a Roman temple. The relics of St. Matthew, buried in the ancient church in 954 AD, are placed in the crypt in Baroque style designed by Domenico Fontana in the early '600.

Status: Open

Opening hours: Giorni feriali dalle ore 9,30 alle ore 12,30 e dalle ore 16,00 alle ore 18,00 e nei giorni festivi dalle ore 16,00 alle ore 18,00.