Church of S. Domenico

P.zza S. Domenico Maggiore, 8/A and Vico S. Domenico Maggiore - Napoli (NA)

Manager: Father Giovanni Busiello

The main house of the Dominican order in the reign of Naples was constituted by Charles II of Anjou in 1283.
The Gothic structure with three naves, divided by multi-style pillars and lateral chapels, is still visible and has been highlighted by the restoration works in neo-Gothic style directed by Travaglini (1850-1853). The interior is one of the most complex and rich among the city churches and it offers an almost complete catalogue of the artists who worked in Naples during the centuries.
Very rich and elaborate is the look of the apse area, where its altar was realized by Cosimo Fanzago (1640-1646). The chapels are decorated in a varied way and host funeral monuments created by great sculptors such as, for instance, Giovan Tommaso Malvito, Giovanni da Nola and Girolamo Santacroce. The pictorial heritage is quite luxurious too, it is enough to consider the paintings covering the Brancaccio chapel by Pietro Cavallini in 1309.
The Carafa chapel preserves the frescoes of Pedro Fèrnandez and in the sacristy, with a vault painted by Francesco Solimena, you can see an exhibition of sepulchral coffers of members of the Aragon court. From the right side of the transept, the visitor can get into the ancient church of S. Arcangelo a Morfisa, founded in the 10th century. Its portal, preceded by a steep staircase, looks out onto Piazza S. Domenico, next to the big polygonal apse of the basilica.

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