Certosa di S. Lorenzo

Viale Certosa, 1, 84034 - Padula (SA)

The Charterhouse, UNESCO site since 1998, is located in Padula and it is the largest monastic complex in southern Italy. Built in 1306, today it still preserves the characteristics of the first phase. In the 16th century it was enlarged and modified. The 16th century cloister (15,000 sqm) is one of the largest in Europe. Moreover the rooms of the Certosa make it one of the main examples of religious architecture at the international level.

Status: Open

Opening hours: Dalle 09.00 alle 19.30. Ultimo ingresso alle 19,00

Closing days: Martedì

Entry conditions: With fee

Ticket price: 4

Note prezzo: prezzo ridotto 2,00

Phone Number: 0975 77745 , 0975 77552