Rural House

via San Picozzo - San Felice - Gioia Sannitica (CE)

The artefact is a rural house located in Gioia Sannitica near the town of Benevento, build by local workers in the 18th century. This is medium-sized building with two floors, approximately 150 square meters each and an L-shape plan. Moreover, both levels are prepared to have toilets and have enough openings to get each lit up. The artefact has all common features of the local typology, with structure made of masonry with local limestone. The ceilings are made of beams and large perforated blocks on the back, while the forepart is made of wooden beam. The roof is double pitched and finished with roman roof tiles and imbrices. The whole building is in very bad conditions. In particular, concerning the building’s masonry, a statistical inspection is required. Apparently there is a structural defect at the rear side of the house with damages in the rear angle, although it is beam tied at the first floor. There is also a similar defect with the external oven. The ceiling, changed in the 20th century in the back rooms, is detaching from the walls because of their structural blemish. The original ceiling in the main unit of the mill, responded better to the masonry changes, but the beams need a renewal intervention and the sheet piling needs certainly to be changed.