Storage Cellar

Strada vicinale della rotonda - contrada Costa - Monte di Procida (NA)

It is a cellar used in former times as drying kiln and warehouse for foodstuffs, while today is used as warehouse for farm equipment. This artefact is located in Monte di Procida (NA) at Contrada Costa, one of the few places in this area based mainly on agriculture. You can access this building following a steep and narrow country path starting from the main road. It’s facing a small square where one can find other cellars around. Some researches concerning the site suggest that this artefact was by local workers around the 19th century. It consists of a single rectangular room with a diminished arch extradosed barrel vaulted ceiling. The structure has a continuous underpinning foundation and it is characterized by a tuff masonry raising structure. It is still possible to see the beaten earth floor inside, but the rest of the building is in very poor conditions.