S. Antonio church

loc. Tuoro di Tavola - Marzano Appio (CE)

The following building is a religious property. It is the church of S.Antonio located in the town of Marzano Appio (CE). An inscription on the main façade shows it was built in 1750 by local workers, according to the evidence collected on site. It consists of two levels: a ground floor and a first floor, both with almost rectangular layouts. There is one single room at the ground floor – the chapel – and a lateral sacristy you can access by passing through a small door. Moreover, the sacristy is connected to the bell tower. The structure is made of tuff masonry. The roof is double pitched with a wood structure and flat interlocking tiles. On the other hand, the additional unit – the sacristy – has a single pitched roof with a wood structure and flat interlocking tiles. Finally, the bell tower has a four pitched roof with roofing slabs. The chapel has an artificial coffered wood ceiling in the main part, while the transept has a rectangular cloister vault. The bell tower has cross vaulted ceiling at the ground floor. The inside paving is made of marble slabs arranged in a grid pattern. The artefact is in good conditions, but the walls need a renewal intervention due to the high level of humidity, that damages the structures and the decorative elements in the time. It has many decorative elements inside, such as the pillar capitals decorated with geometrical patterns, the beautiful wood choir at the entry, a set of frescos and holy aedicules, all worthwhile visiting.