S. Silvestro Church

Research results, concerning an artefact part of religious properties registered in this regional park, are shown here. It is a rupestrian church, called "Chiesa di S.Silvestro" located in Sant’Angelo a Scala and dates back to the 11th century. The church was built by local workers in masonry. It consists of two levels with an almost rectangular layout. Each has got three rooms with a cloister-vault ceiling. The two floors are connected through an internal quadrangular flight of stairs, made of masonry. The actual chapel is situated in the central room on the ground floor with the altar in the back, while on the right side of the façade there is a bell tower barely visible from the outside. The roof is single pitched with roman roof tiles. The inside paving is made of herringbone stones at the ground floor, while the first floor is covered of ceramic tiles with staggered joints. The whole church is in quite good conditions, therefore it doesn’t need to be restored for being used and could be included as a destination point in a touristic tour together with other typical rupestrian churches in this region and the surroundings, concerning, for example, some similar structures at "Sassi" in Matera.