Cappella S. Maria degli Angeli

83028 Via Giovanni XXIII - Vitulano (BN)

The artefact shown here is a chapel, called "Cappella di S.Maria degli Angeli" located in Serre, a district of Vitulano (BN). It was built in the 18th century by local workers. The quadrangular-shaped chapel has a semicircular apse, connected to the room through a small rectangular space where the altar is located. The perimeter wall is continuous and built with local stones, the room has a vaulted ceiling, while the apse has a semi-dome. It has a ridge roof with roman roof tiles. The floor of the main body is covered with terracotta tiles with majolica tiles inlays and geometrical patterns. Moreover, the church has the following decorative elements: rose windows with floral designs on the main façade and, still on the same side, a majolica tiles panel with an holy image. Since this church is still in use, it is well-preserved.