Baptistery of S. Giovanni in Fonte

Via Duomo, 147 - Napoli (NA)

Manager: Mons. Salvatore Esposito

From the right nave of the Basilica of S. Restituta you access the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte from the early Christian age.
The baptistery was probably erected thanks to Bishop Severo, but other sources claim the intervention of Bishop Sotero (465 - 468) or Bishop Vincenzo (554 - 578). The archaeological and architectural studies date the building back to the 4th century, with some reconstructions in the 5th century (probably under Bishop Sotero).
Split in two parts, the baptismal area with a square plant is covered by a small hemispherical saucer-dome.
The vault and tambour of the baptistery were covered with mosaics dating back from the 5th century and the background is turquoise blue and green with parts in gold. The mosaic decoration, which originally extends across the cap of the dome and the tambour, was carried out by different artists, as the same time as the Baptistery, and reports the Rite of Baptism and the importance of water as an element of spiritual rebirth. Few scenes are left, partially fragmentary: the cap is decorated with golden stars and with the Monogram of Christ between the Greek letters alpha and omega, above the cross there is the hand of God holding a Laurel wreath. The other mosaics are the Traditio Legis, with a Christ wearing a beard and halo giving to Peter a roll where 'Dominus legem data'; is written; the Samaritan and the Wedding at Canaan, the miraculous catch of fishes and Jesus walking on water; the devout women at the sepulchre. In the tambour you can find mosaics showing the four elements of the Apocalypse, and in the in-between panels you can see four characters standing, each wearing a tunic and a mantle, holding crowns.

Status: Open

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 08:30 -01:30 pm / 02:30 - 07:30 pm, Sunday 08am - 01pm / 04:30 - 07:30 pm

Entry conditions: With fee

Ticket price: € 1,50

Access for the disabled: No


Phone Number: 081 449097

Entry conditions: It is possible to get into the Baptistery from the Basilica of S. Restituta, the entrance of which is from inside the Duomo.