Chiesa di S. Maria delle Grazie e S. Sossio Martire

Via Miseno 80070 - Miseno - Bacoli (NA)

The artefact shown here can be considered an example of rural housing. We are talking about the S.Sossio Church, placed near the port of Miseno in the town of Bacoli (NA). It was built during the second half of the 17th century by local workers, as it can be deduced from the following book: "Gianni Race – Bacoli, Baia, Miseno – Storia e Mito – Bacoli 1999, Edizioni il Punto di Partenza". The building lays on a ground floor that consists of a single rectangular room. The ceiling of the room is vault called round "barrel vault". The structure is made of tuff masonry like most of the buildings in this area. This property is still in use for church services; this has led the church to be in a very good state of preservation as you can see from the pictures.

Status: Open

Entry conditions: Free

Access for the disabled: Yes