Reggia di Caserta

81100 Viale Giulio Douhet 2014 - Caserta (CE)

In 1750 Charles of Bourbon (1716-1788) decided to build the royal palace as the core of the new Kingdom of Naples, at the time autonomous and free from the Spanish rule. The project of the impressive construction, destined to compete with the other European royal residences, was entrusted, after some ups and downs, to the architect Luigi Vanvitelli (1700-1773). The Royal Palace of Caserta has a rectangular plan articulated on buildings facing four large internal courtyards. It extends over an area of about 47,000 square metres for a height of 5 floors equal to 36 linear metres. The grand staircase, an invention of eighteenth-century scenographic art, connects the lower and upper vestibule, from which you access the royal apartments.

Status: Open

Opening hours: 08:30 - 19:30

Closing days: martedì

Ticket price: € 12

Note prezzo: Appartamenti storici, Parco e Giardino Inglese € 12 intero € 6 ridotto solo Appartamenti Storici € 9,00 intero € 4,50 ridotto


Phone Number: 0823-448084 , 0823-277580