Museo di Capodimonte

80131 Via Miano, 2 - Napoli (NA)

Originally it was a royal residence commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon, who had it built in 1738. It has been a National Museum since 1957; nowadays it houses art collections such as the original nucleus of the Farnese Collection, the Borgia collection, the Neapolitan artists' one and other works by artists from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age. The building preserves an immense heritage of paintings, sculptures, drawings, tapestries, porcelain, prints and antique weapons. The park covers 134 hectares and contains more than 400 plant species and 16 structures including residences, cottages, craft factories, warehouses.

Status: Open

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8.30 am-7.30 pm

Closing days: Wednesday

Entry conditions: With fee

Ticket price: 8 €

Note prezzo: € 4 for visitors between the ages of 18 and 24. Free entry: people under 18 and the first Sunday of each month. The ticket is valid for one day and you can go in and out from the museum using it several times until closing.

Access for the disabled: Yes


Phone Number: 081 7499130 , 081 749911

Entry conditions: 081.7499130; 081.7499111 Prenotazioni, visite guidate e acquisti online 848 800 288 (da rete fissa) +39 06 399 67 050 (dai cellulari e dall’estero)