Chiesa di S. Maria Egiziaca a Pizzofalcone

Via Egiziaca a Pizzofalcone, 30 - Napoli (NA)

Manager: Father Mario Camarda

The church was founded in 1639 by the Augustinian nuns of the monastery of Egiziaca a Forcella, as they desired to create a shelter where it was possible to live and observe seclusion in a more austere manner. The complex was renovated starting from 1661 with a design by Cosimo Fanzago, but the works only ended in 1716 under the direction of Arcangelo Guglielmelli. It is important to observe the peculiar convex façade showing a double curvilinear shape. The interior, with a central plan, is characterized by a light stucco decoration. On the high altar, in polychrome marbles, it is worth admiring the artwork by Giuseppe Bastelli (1738), a painting showing the Virgin Mary with her Baby and the Holy Agostino and Maria Egiziaca by Onofrio Palumbo (17th century); the lateral altars host canvases of 1716 by Paolo De Matteis. The wooden sculptures realised by Nicola Fumo in 1717 are very interesting, showing San Michele, the Guardian Angel, the Crucifix and the Immaculate

Status: Open

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 - 11:00 am and 05:30 - 07:00 pm

Closing days: Monday morning

Entry conditions: Free