1st Census of Rural Architecture in Campania

Classification and census service of the rural architecture in Campania

Thanks to the specific configuration of the territory and the social-economical development during the various historical periods, Campania is a region plenty of rural landscapes, not only characterized by buildings but also by a series of artefacts, all parts of a heritage that needs to be rediscovered, preserved, and enhanced. Each enhancement process of local culture and history begins with activities and products made by people in the past in order to transform the territory and the landscape in an environment suitable for human life… Based on these premises, the "Regione Campania" institution entrusted us with "Servizio di classificazione e censimento dell’architettura rurale della Campania (Classification and census service of the rural architecture in Campania)" in 2008 in order to set a working methodology and define a first application field in seven Regional Parks.