Parco Regionale di Roccamonfina e Foce Garigliano (regional park)

The Parco Regionale Roccamonfina – Foce Garigliano (regional park),(go to the link), is located in the middle of the "Regione Campania" and it consists of about 22239.46 acres in the southern part of Lazio region, Molise region, and the urban area of the city of Caserta. Sessa Aurunca, and Teano cities, and five small towns of the upland authority association "Monte Santa Croce" belong to this park: Roccamonfina, Galluccio, Conca della Campania, Marzano Appio, Tora, and Piccilli. The park is surmounted, like a shelter, by the volcanic apparatus of Roccamorfina older than the Vesuvius whose shape and majesty reminds. It has an external crateral ridge about 6 km wide, with the highest peaks of S. Croce (1005 mt) and Lattani mountains (810 mt) and some volcanic cones with a semi-spherical cap such as, Atano mountain (Casi- Teano), Colle Friello (Conca della Campania), Ofelio mountain (Sessa Aurunca). Strange and unique shaped rocks remind the former volcanic activity of this area, while today it is covered by chestnut trees, olive trees and vineyards. It is amazing how the brushwood is rich and thick still in autumn, when it is full of different sorts of mushrooms, such as the Caesar’s mushroom and the edible boletus, very valuable from the economic and gastronomic point of view. The woods of the Roccamonfina volcano represent a perfect shelter for animals: in this area foxes, boars, badgers, beech martens, hares and other kind of small mammals live isolated and safe. Away from humans, this is the realm of the calm and above all of the nature. The morphology of the park has been changed by water this territory is rich of. Garigliano river, for instance, goes across the Park and erodes its bed in the volcanic ground of Roccamonfina and the limy soil of the Aurunci mountains. Apart from Garigliano, the other two most important rivers in this territory are Savone and Peccia. The census has concerned an area of about the 35% of the park’s territory which the following cities belong to: Roccamonfina, Galluccio, Marzano Appio, and Sessa Aurunca.

Sites of Interest

Masseria Cortarone
Rural House - Sessa Aurunca (CE)
Varo delle Neviere Snow cave
warehouse - Roccamonfina (CE)
animal shelter
animal shelter - Roccamonfina (CE)
S. Antonio church
church - Marzano Appio (CE)